Twitter Friends (and not the social media ones)

Some of my followers may have seen my tweet earlier today about my current ornithological death toll due to window collisions.  That is to say birds flying into my windows rather than my windows crashing into the garden birds.

Unfortunately, we have had 3 such deaths in 24 hours and whilst one lovely follower suggested that my windows were too clean (if only) I started doing a bit of googling as to what it means and more importantly, what if anything I should do if and when this happens again.

The first website I came up with was the mother nature network  which gives pretty fool proof advice should you hear the thump and find a non dead bird.  Admittedly, it is for North American birds but I think we can probably assume that the advice is transferable to sunny old England.

More concerningly however, was the discovery on a blog site called cosmic world that birds flying into windows has superstitious folk trembling in their boots!  Did you know that such an occurrence is supposed to foretell death (yikes)!  Or if the bird eventually flies off it is a sign of impending doom!….

Not overly thrilled with this discovery I searched on.  Thankfully, schelly16 has written a post saying perhaps that they are guardian angels which maybe ties into the American Indian belief that birds are messengers and for both good and bad things.

However, I think with all the birds busy trying to catch food for their nests they are more susceptible of misjudging spaces and distances and seeing reflections  – well that’s what I’m telling myself right now!

P.S – apologies for a pictureless post but I didn’t really think you guys would appreciate photos of our fatalities.


Warbeck & Cox 2013 so far

Yes, it’s been a long old time since we’ve managed to write a post and keep you up to date with our goings on – and what a lot there is to tell you!

When we last posted back in November we were furiously making up and dispatching all of our Christmas orders and then December disappeared in much the same way too.  Once all the festivities were over it was time to organise the dreaded tax return – my most loathed job in all the world.

HMRC tax return

But no sooner had that been filed when planning had to start to organise my mother’s 60th. We’ll write lots more on that another time as we particularly want to tell you all about the amazing team at Pizza of Dreams who came to feed us all and helped make it the rip roaring success that it was with everyone dressed in silver platform boots and psychedelic bell bottoms.

pizza of dreams

In between all of that, it has been business as usual with orders to keep on top of, the drawing new designs and playing with pantone books…

Pantone Books

having bolts of fabric printed up….

Beetle Fabric

and working on several bespoke projects.

Including designing the table decorations for a wedding & making up napkins for a super cool, eco conscious graphic design company.

Damask Wedding Table Numbers

And as if that wasn’t enough to keep us out of mischief….  we have had a wedding to plan, a ceremony to get through

Warbeck & Cox Wedding

and a quick honeymoon to go on…


Oh, and to top it all off, we’ve moved.

hermitage offices

Yes, 2013 thus far has been pretty action packed indeed!


Garlic or Allium sativum as it is more formally named, is a species in the onion genus and according to Wikipedia  has a history of human use that dates back over 7000 years.  Even the Ancient Egyptians realised that it not only tasted delicious but could be used for all sorts of medicinal purposes such as respiratory problems, poor digestion and low energy.  Now however, we tend to be associate it with delicious meals and fighting colds.

If you like us, you’re a serious fan then you will understand how thrilled and excited we were to be given this bag from a very very generous friend (who had got a little over excited when planting up seedlings earlier in the year).

Brimming with delicious, highly pungent bulbs of garlic and several elephant garlics too, we’re bursting with ideas and are busily planning all the delicious suppers we can conjour up!  Just be sure not to come too close! 😉


Messing about on the River

Just over a week ago things were pretty quiet in the Warbeck & Cox office because we found ourselves of all places, bright and early in Chatham Docks.

Chatham Docks

Our mission – (a very exclusive invitation to boot) was to meet our good friend and collect his newly purchased and restored boat, taking her on her maiden voyage to her new home – a trip that would take 16 hours and see us sailing along the Medway and up the Thames, being stopped by customs (twice) on super speed boats and arriving in Battersea at, yes, wait for it…. 05.39 AM!

Found in pieces, centenarian Flika has had an overhaul of giant preportions by our friend and his fab team at the Turks Shipyard breathing a brand new lease of life into this beautiful barge. Infact, I think I will do another post just about the yard as there is so much to say about it.. so watch this space…. but here is the fabulous girl just before we set off.

& at the petrol station

A stranger to sailing on the open water (well, any water at all to be honest) I couldn’t believe how blissful lounging on deck was as the sun shone. The views were stunning and the sumptuous picnic feast was second to none. Infact, the whole adventure was like a dream …. and I don’t think anyone noticed that we had no running water or electricity in the excitement of it all!

The sunset was phenomenal – Pictured here with Sausage

as were the night scenes…..

Yes, this is London bridge at about 3.30 in the morning

& the London Eye

Once converted, this beautiful boat will have 4 bedrooms and will become their home….. to say we’re a little bit envious is an understatement.

Now which tea towels to give them as a house warming??………….

A sunny day upcycling project

This weekend saw an unexpected amount of sunshine…. so it was decided that we would embark on a restoration project that has been looming over us for some time.

Unsold and unloved we happened to spot these benches in the car park of an auction house earlier this summer and thought we might be able to give them a loving home (and a new lease of life).  Making an offer there and then we were thrilled to be able take them home with us.

Armed with a stiff brush, a bowl of warm soapy water, some sandpaper, teak oil and some elbow grease we set to.

& even had some (un)helpful assistance from the Sausage.

Here is the finished piece.

All we have to do now is find somewhere for them to live!


Christmas (can you believe it?) is not far away.

I know this, because not only are we busily working away at our new Christmas products and designs, but we’re also being asked for press releases and samples from journalists. Wowzers! It’s not going to be long before we’re thinking of valentines day – talk about confusing!

Call me silly and old-fashioned but it seems kinda crazy doesn’t it that it’s mid-July, the school summer holidays are about to start and yet, we’re having to think about figgie puddings, holly and snowmen?  (FYI – Slade & Mariah just don’t sound the same when the temperature isn’t arctic and there aren’t baubles all over the place)!

Warbeck & Cox Christmas Holly

With all things festive on our minds we have started planning our method of attack; primarily this involves help.  We have decided exactly what we need help with, how and where to advertise and then what sort of interview process we are going to follow.

This morning Paul walked into the office and casually asked what we did.  Paul has popped in and out of the office a hundred times or more.. and yet, he has never asked what I do all day; surrounded by beetle, grasshopper and keys fabric frantically ironing, sewing, folding or packing!  One might wonder why he hasn’t asked before… but he hasn’t and it’s probably because he’s not the nosy sort and simply likes minding his own business.

Anyway, having given him a brief overview of Warbeck & Cox Paul said…. ‘did you know my wife’s a machinist ?’ I nearly fell off my stool and jumped on him.  All I could say was ‘Seriously? I don’t suppose she fancies a bit of extra work in the run up to Christmas???’.  ‘No’ Paul replied, ‘I doubt it …. but I reckon she’ll have tonnes of friends who do’.   With that he took some cards and wandered off…..

I think that that is what you call serendipity… and if all goes according to plan (fingers crossed) – The job’s a good ‘un and we have one less thing to worry about!

The Big Smoke, Numbers & a Camera

In my last post, I promised that I would try and bring news that didn’t (for once) involve animals, mud, weather and standard countryside antics! So am rather pleased that today I have something to share that does not include any of the above!

A couple of weeks ago, I read about a project started by Pete Lewis & Jack Barnes which, according to them has now turned into a ‘joint obsession’!  Called We One Thousand the idea is pretty straight forward – find and photograph numbers (from 1 to 1000) that you see about your everyday life and if any good they will be posted along with everyone elses on line.  Pretty simples no?  I thought it was a fun idea but along with all the excitements that go on here in the office on a daily basis it all slightly slipped my mind… until I found myself in London a few days later.

Trips to London are sadly rather few and far between these days but this particular invitation could not be turned down – despite the unnecessarily large amount of walking which was required!  Finding myself pacing the streets for hours on end, I was delighted to be confronted by numbers.  Lots and lots and lots of numbers.  Remembering the boy’s project I decided to get snapping.

To be honest I found the whole process rather invigorating – not only did it take my mind off my ever growing blisters but I found that I was properly looking at buildings, bill boards, buses and generally observing things that in the past I must have walked past a hundred times without properly noticing.

These are some of the photographs that I took, chose to submit and much to my delight today, I have discovered that 2 have been included on the website!

Farringdon Road, London

336 Farringdon Road

236 Grays Inn Road, London

236 Grays Inn Road, London

And my favourite…..

222 Grays Inn Road London

Next time you’re out and about, wherever you are.. why not get snapping – & make sure you share your pics with us! 🙂