Christmas (can you believe it?) is not far away.

I know this, because not only are we busily working away at our new Christmas products and designs, but we’re also being asked for press releases and samples from journalists. Wowzers! It’s not going to be long before we’re thinking of valentines day – talk about confusing!

Call me silly and old-fashioned but it seems kinda crazy doesn’t it that it’s mid-July, the school summer holidays are about to start and yet, we’re having to think about figgie puddings, holly and snowmen?  (FYI – Slade & Mariah just don’t sound the same when the temperature isn’t arctic and there aren’t baubles all over the place)!

Warbeck & Cox Christmas Holly

With all things festive on our minds we have started planning our method of attack; primarily this involves help.  We have decided exactly what we need help with, how and where to advertise and then what sort of interview process we are going to follow.

This morning Paul walked into the office and casually asked what we did.  Paul has popped in and out of the office a hundred times or more.. and yet, he has never asked what I do all day; surrounded by beetle, grasshopper and keys fabric frantically ironing, sewing, folding or packing!  One might wonder why he hasn’t asked before… but he hasn’t and it’s probably because he’s not the nosy sort and simply likes minding his own business.

Anyway, having given him a brief overview of Warbeck & Cox Paul said…. ‘did you know my wife’s a machinist ?’ I nearly fell off my stool and jumped on him.  All I could say was ‘Seriously? I don’t suppose she fancies a bit of extra work in the run up to Christmas???’.  ‘No’ Paul replied, ‘I doubt it …. but I reckon she’ll have tonnes of friends who do’.   With that he took some cards and wandered off…..

I think that that is what you call serendipity… and if all goes according to plan (fingers crossed) – The job’s a good ‘un and we have one less thing to worry about!

A Magazine, A Funny Turn and Serious Confusion…

We’ve got to admit that we do love a bit of press coverage… so when we received an excited call last week from my mother claiming to have spotted us in this month’s issue of Country Homes & Interiors we promptly dispatched a member of the household to go and buy a copy.

You can imagine our confusion however, having scoured each and every page on its return to see Nothing. Nada. Niente.
Was my mother seeing things? Had she completely lost the plot? Confused, I made the executive decision to telephone home and just check she hadn’t suffered an unexpected turn of some sort or another. ‘No’, I was told, ‘it is May’s copy with the Hydrangeas in the galvanised bucket beside a green metal bench and some pretty pink cushions – Living with French Style’.  There was only one thing for it – go page by page through the magazine describing what each of us could see.

Without going into too much detail our conversation went something along the lines of …
Mother: ‘page 65 – white aga, blue & red print tea towels, turquoise/blue frying pan, white jug, shelf of glass jars’ ….. Me: ‘Yup’

White Aga, red tea towel, blue tea towel, turquoise frying pan and glass jars

Skip forward to page 135… Mother: ‘feature on Thame – there you are in the shop window, see?’……Me: ‘No… creative country business course advert’

I was clearly missing some pages.. was that possible?? Still confused, I did a shout out on twitter and the lovely Debra from The Gifted Penguin checked her copy… No such feature.  Conclusion – Mother officially Mad.

Yesterday however, I went home for supper and on the kitchen table was her copy ‘with the hydrangeas in the galvanised bucket’ open at page 135. Lo and behold, there was the feature  – ‘A Postcard from Thame’  & yes, if you look really really closely there are our cushions and napkins peeping out from the window of one of our lovely stockists – FROM

The question is… why does my mother have the feature and Debra & I don’t??……. any ideas?