Frances Watts Illustration

Last night we came across a blog post by the incredibly talented illustrator, Frances Watts.  So impressed with what we saw we went straight onto her fab and very unusual website and was not disappointed!  What set her apart for so many other illustrators was her subject matter, which quite frankly is right up our street.

Take a look for yourself……..

Alexander Beetle by Frances Watts Illustration

Dickinson Beetle by Frances Watts illustration

Alexander Beetles By Frances Watts Illustration

Hummingbird by Frances Watts Illustration

Bees Be Kind by Frances Watts Illustration

Nice day to be a frog by Frances Watt Illustration

Butterfly by Frances Watts Illustration

Butterfly by Frances Watts Illustration

Our favourite, of course have to be the beetles, but we’re pretty partial the the ‘Be kind to Bees’ too.

Frances, (not to be confused with the Australian Children’s Book Illustrator) or Franny to her friends lives in deepest Somerset with her photographer husband (also not to be confused with the wildlife photographer with the same name), her little son and lovable hound which is obviously where she gets much of her inspiration.  However, she is happy to take commissions too.

Check out her website and latest blog post for more examples of her work, ways to contact her and the chance to buy one off prints. We’re busy trying to think of an excuse for a party (not such a difficult task) for her to design an invitation for us!


Multi-Coloured Beetles

This weekend I went to stay with an aunt in Belfast.  We don’t visit her often enough and quite frankly we should.  Not only is her company fab but her house is like an Aladdin’s Cave of fascinating artifacts.

My favourite were these beetles which I found in my bathroom.  As you all know we love a bug or two so they were rather appropriate don’t you think??

exotic beetles


Moths are a nuisance.  There are not two ways about it, and if you have been one of the unfortunate many this year to experience the plague that has descended upon the country then you will know only too well about the devastation moths can bring.

I’m sure that many of you can’t quite work out why on earth we should therefore choose to base a whole design on the little devils then?

Well, until I found this book below at an antique fair I too thought that they were miserable clothes munchers or dull fluttery things that always found themselves at the nearest lightbulb.

But not a bit of it is true.  Page after page in Richard South’s gem of a book show colourful, highly decorative little creatures and with my observation skills clearly heightened,  I happened to spy my very own cinnebar moth several days later.

Unable to resist the temptation to get my sketch book and pencils out, I set to…. learning about Umbers, Emeralds, Tigers, Burnets and Ghost Moths and so many more.

And now we have a whole range of products featuring my moths.

Tea Towels….


Lavender bags


Gift Tags…..

& Hand Bag Mirrors.

So you see… there’s a lot more to a moth than meets the eye!

The Big Smoke, Numbers & a Camera

In my last post, I promised that I would try and bring news that didn’t (for once) involve animals, mud, weather and standard countryside antics! So am rather pleased that today I have something to share that does not include any of the above!

A couple of weeks ago, I read about a project started by Pete Lewis & Jack Barnes which, according to them has now turned into a ‘joint obsession’!  Called We One Thousand the idea is pretty straight forward – find and photograph numbers (from 1 to 1000) that you see about your everyday life and if any good they will be posted along with everyone elses on line.  Pretty simples no?  I thought it was a fun idea but along with all the excitements that go on here in the office on a daily basis it all slightly slipped my mind… until I found myself in London a few days later.

Trips to London are sadly rather few and far between these days but this particular invitation could not be turned down – despite the unnecessarily large amount of walking which was required!  Finding myself pacing the streets for hours on end, I was delighted to be confronted by numbers.  Lots and lots and lots of numbers.  Remembering the boy’s project I decided to get snapping.

To be honest I found the whole process rather invigorating – not only did it take my mind off my ever growing blisters but I found that I was properly looking at buildings, bill boards, buses and generally observing things that in the past I must have walked past a hundred times without properly noticing.

These are some of the photographs that I took, chose to submit and much to my delight today, I have discovered that 2 have been included on the website!

Farringdon Road, London

336 Farringdon Road

236 Grays Inn Road, London

236 Grays Inn Road, London

And my favourite…..

222 Grays Inn Road London

Next time you’re out and about, wherever you are.. why not get snapping – & make sure you share your pics with us! 🙂