Calling all Jam, Chutney and Mincemeat Makers

For those of you lovely people who enjoy a spot of jam making… and enjoying giving a jar or too as Christmas pressies then listen up!   Instead of scrabbling about trying to find some old festive fabric, battling with some rather unsightly paper packs featuring rather nasty patterns or resorting to a poorly paper wrapped offering for a friend or loved one, why not try some of our new little beauties?

Whilst I have never personally managed to master the art of conserve making, I am no stranger to having the whole process being thrust upon me and have labelled many many many jars of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrent jam, chutneys, seville marmalade and jellys in my time.   Said jars have often found themselves (with my handwriting on the jar) and wrapped (poorly) and into my stocking!

Here at Warbeck & Cox we have decided that enough is enough – we want to see the demise of poorly packaged home produce for good!  So we have come up with packs of our holly print fabric designed to give ultimate joy when given this Christmas!

Each pack includes 6 circles of our holly print fabric big enough of a (bonne mama jar) and cut with pinking shears. There are also 6 lengths of ribbon to tie neatly around each jar.

Problem solved no?  That is of course if you have been making jams and jellies and chutneys…. If not, then perhaps you could find a Women’s Institute stall and soak off the label??


The Big Smoke, Numbers & a Camera

In my last post, I promised that I would try and bring news that didn’t (for once) involve animals, mud, weather and standard countryside antics! So am rather pleased that today I have something to share that does not include any of the above!

A couple of weeks ago, I read about a project started by Pete Lewis & Jack Barnes which, according to them has now turned into a ‘joint obsession’!  Called We One Thousand the idea is pretty straight forward – find and photograph numbers (from 1 to 1000) that you see about your everyday life and if any good they will be posted along with everyone elses on line.  Pretty simples no?  I thought it was a fun idea but along with all the excitements that go on here in the office on a daily basis it all slightly slipped my mind… until I found myself in London a few days later.

Trips to London are sadly rather few and far between these days but this particular invitation could not be turned down – despite the unnecessarily large amount of walking which was required!  Finding myself pacing the streets for hours on end, I was delighted to be confronted by numbers.  Lots and lots and lots of numbers.  Remembering the boy’s project I decided to get snapping.

To be honest I found the whole process rather invigorating – not only did it take my mind off my ever growing blisters but I found that I was properly looking at buildings, bill boards, buses and generally observing things that in the past I must have walked past a hundred times without properly noticing.

These are some of the photographs that I took, chose to submit and much to my delight today, I have discovered that 2 have been included on the website!

Farringdon Road, London

336 Farringdon Road

236 Grays Inn Road, London

236 Grays Inn Road, London

And my favourite…..

222 Grays Inn Road London

Next time you’re out and about, wherever you are.. why not get snapping – & make sure you share your pics with us! 🙂

All in good time.. all in good time

We’ve been in business now for 3 years… and still, unforgivably, we haven’t managed to actually sort out the issue of blogging!  We know, everyone’s at it… but we just want to draw bugs and insects and we have very naughtily put off and put off trying to understand DNS and CNAMES.  Please note – we’ve only just got to grips with urls, https, ftps and the likes!

In our defence, we’ve been a little time poor during this time too but who’s interested in excuses??  All that matters is that we’ve made it here! Phew!

antique glasses


Let the good times begin.. Cheers!

Love from the W&C Team