Encountering the Olympic Torch Relay

For those of you who missed yesterday’s facebook post I thought that we’d pop together a short post about our rather soggy afternoon!

With the Olympic Torch passing right past the door it seemed only right and proper that we should go and have a look at it.

Once there, we stationed ourselves and kept our eyes peeled.

We watched…….

and waited…..

until an enormous blue bus with music blaring and people singing appeared from nowhere.

& then a girl (I think it was a girl, I didn’t really see) ran past…

and an official/torch attendant waved the torch about (I think in an attempt to light it)….

Olympic Torch

& just like that…the whole thing (I think) was all over……..

Olympic coach

Leaving us stuck in gridlock traffic!!

The End!

London Olympics 2012

Various people have been very over excited this morning since the post arrived and these landed on the mat!

To be honest, it’s not really our thing.. lots of semi naked girls launching themselves in to a giant sand pit..!

Though it’s not hard to imagine who & why these might be of interest!

None of our ticket applications were successful sadly.. so we think we’ll stay behind, watch it on the TV & get excited simply washing the dishes with our very own Games Kit Tea Towels!

(can you spot the volley ball?)…

London 2012 Olympics