Warbeck & Cox 2013 so far

Yes, it’s been a long old time since we’ve managed to write a post and keep you up to date with our goings on – and what a lot there is to tell you!

When we last posted back in November we were furiously making up and dispatching all of our Christmas orders and then December disappeared in much the same way too.  Once all the festivities were over it was time to organise the dreaded tax return – my most loathed job in all the world.

HMRC tax return

But no sooner had that been filed when planning had to start to organise my mother’s 60th. We’ll write lots more on that another time as we particularly want to tell you all about the amazing team at Pizza of Dreams who came to feed us all and helped make it the rip roaring success that it was with everyone dressed in silver platform boots and psychedelic bell bottoms.

pizza of dreams

In between all of that, it has been business as usual with orders to keep on top of, the drawing new designs and playing with pantone books…

Pantone Books

having bolts of fabric printed up….

Beetle Fabric

and working on several bespoke projects.

Including designing the table decorations for a wedding & making up napkins for a super cool, eco conscious graphic design company.

Damask Wedding Table Numbers

And as if that wasn’t enough to keep us out of mischief….  we have had a wedding to plan, a ceremony to get through

Warbeck & Cox Wedding

and a quick honeymoon to go on…


Oh, and to top it all off, we’ve moved.

hermitage offices

Yes, 2013 thus far has been pretty action packed indeed!


An experiment

With the rain pouring down and the wind howling a gale I decided that I must just buckle down and get making lots and lots of hotwater water bottle covers in an attempt to build up our stock levels.  But by my 6th cover I was getting a little restless so I decided to try a little experiment.

A good friend of mine recently got some chickens and so I thought I would make some one off  Warbeck & Cox egg warmers for her to enjoy at breakfast time.

Worryingly, though I rather rushed the whole business and quite clearly got my my pattern making skills/measuring abilities way off.
The result….??…….  Well, see for yourself……..

egg cosies

The only use I could come up with is a pencil or finger warmer… any bright ideas (that are publishable)??!

Amazing Artist – Rachel Pedder Smith

A couple of weeks ago I went on a little trip to the Royal Botanic Kew Gardens and decided to head to the Shirley Sherwood Gallery where there was an exhibition showing some of the stunning work by Rachel Pedder Smith.

I was unfamiliar with her work until that chance visit and really wonder where I have been all this time never to have seen any before?? It’s particularly bizarre because here at Warbeck & Cox we’re rather partial to insects, bugs and any other items that you’d expect to find at the Natural History Museum (as if you didn’t already know)!

Anyway, the botanical illustration exhibition was called ‘Pressed Plant’  and showed the intricate and detailed watercolour pieces of exotic seed heads, leaves and flowers from around the globe.  It was really quite amazing.

I picked up a whole selection of postcards which I have sent to various friends and family… but kept my favourite for my pin board shown here below.

Artist Rachel Pedder Smith

 Section of Herbarium Specimen Painting 2006-2009

I thought I’d also share (with Rachel’s permission) some of my favourite images which I found on her site

Check it out to find some postcards to send your friends & family… or maybe even grab an original!!

Rachel Pedder Smith's Bees painting

Bees (5 cm x 6.5 cm)

Rachel Pedder Smith's sea horse painting

Seahorse (2.5 cm x 6.5 cm)

Pedder Smith butterfly

Swallowtail butterfly (7 cm x 6.5 cm)

So.. now I’m off out to enjoy this sunshine and draw some more of my own!

Four Leaf Clover – that’s got to be good luck?

Yesterday I decided to go for a walk (in between the rain showers) and couldn’t believe my eyes when I glanced down and spied this…..4 leaf clover

Yes, it really is a real one….

I’ve only ever seen one before… so let’s hope it’s going to bring us lots of good luck!!!

Perhaps we should be doing a new design inspired by them??

Happy Birthday Grandpa B

This is just a quick post to wish my dearest old Grandpa B a very happy birthday! I don’t think he’ll mind me letting on that it’s just one year until the bit 9-0!!!!!

Here he is pictured below whilst in the police force in Malaya.

Birthday Grandpa

Birthday Grandpa

Clever Easter Bunnies? Or just useless hunters?

You can imagine our surprise this morning when we were heading off to the office first thing to discover this…..egg hunt
Either we have particularly clever Easter Bunnies or useless hunters… but either way, Easter was over a month ago and we have walked past this tree 4 or 5 times a day ever since…. umm, perhaps we’re not as observant as we thought? Or perhaps, we’re focused on other things – yes that must be it!