Calling all Jam, Chutney and Mincemeat Makers

For those of you lovely people who enjoy a spot of jam making… and enjoying giving a jar or too as Christmas pressies then listen up!   Instead of scrabbling about trying to find some old festive fabric, battling with some rather unsightly paper packs featuring rather nasty patterns or resorting to a poorly paper wrapped offering for a friend or loved one, why not try some of our new little beauties?

Whilst I have never personally managed to master the art of conserve making, I am no stranger to having the whole process being thrust upon me and have labelled many many many jars of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrent jam, chutneys, seville marmalade and jellys in my time.   Said jars have often found themselves (with my handwriting on the jar) and wrapped (poorly) and into my stocking!

Here at Warbeck & Cox we have decided that enough is enough – we want to see the demise of poorly packaged home produce for good!  So we have come up with packs of our holly print fabric designed to give ultimate joy when given this Christmas!

Each pack includes 6 circles of our holly print fabric big enough of a (bonne mama jar) and cut with pinking shears. There are also 6 lengths of ribbon to tie neatly around each jar.

Problem solved no?  That is of course if you have been making jams and jellies and chutneys…. If not, then perhaps you could find a Women’s Institute stall and soak off the label??


The Wedding Season is Most Definitely Upon Us

If like us, you leave wedding lists until the very last minute – only to discover that everything has been snapped up by the all the other guests (apart from the toaster or hoover bags), then panic not!

Due to popular demand, here at Warbeck & Cox we have decided to put together bundles of napkins and tea towels as a sort of home starter pack – perfect for a new home owner or new bride and groom too…

Wedding Kit

Each kit includes 2 sets of napkins, so that’s 8 in total and 2 of our linen union tea towels all for the price of  £50 (usual RRP is £57). And because moving house or getting married is such an exciting time for your friends or loved ones, we’ve decided to throw in the gift wrap for free saving you an extra £5 – a total saving of £12!  The gift wrapping by the way, includes 100% recycled tissue paper, tied up in a pretty pink ribbon and one of our hand printed gift tags for you to write a little message… Seriously, what’s not to like?

So if you have a wedding or know of someone moving into their new home… why not take a peek at our designs?  And remember, you’re more than welcome to mix and match.. just specify on the website when placing your order!

Talking of weddings… we’re off to one tomorrow, so no surprises what the bride and groom have in store!

Happy weekends folks    xxxxxx


Christmas (can you believe it?) is not far away.

I know this, because not only are we busily working away at our new Christmas products and designs, but we’re also being asked for press releases and samples from journalists. Wowzers! It’s not going to be long before we’re thinking of valentines day – talk about confusing!

Call me silly and old-fashioned but it seems kinda crazy doesn’t it that it’s mid-July, the school summer holidays are about to start and yet, we’re having to think about figgie puddings, holly and snowmen?  (FYI – Slade & Mariah just don’t sound the same when the temperature isn’t arctic and there aren’t baubles all over the place)!

Warbeck & Cox Christmas Holly

With all things festive on our minds we have started planning our method of attack; primarily this involves help.  We have decided exactly what we need help with, how and where to advertise and then what sort of interview process we are going to follow.

This morning Paul walked into the office and casually asked what we did.  Paul has popped in and out of the office a hundred times or more.. and yet, he has never asked what I do all day; surrounded by beetle, grasshopper and keys fabric frantically ironing, sewing, folding or packing!  One might wonder why he hasn’t asked before… but he hasn’t and it’s probably because he’s not the nosy sort and simply likes minding his own business.

Anyway, having given him a brief overview of Warbeck & Cox Paul said…. ‘did you know my wife’s a machinist ?’ I nearly fell off my stool and jumped on him.  All I could say was ‘Seriously? I don’t suppose she fancies a bit of extra work in the run up to Christmas???’.  ‘No’ Paul replied, ‘I doubt it …. but I reckon she’ll have tonnes of friends who do’.   With that he took some cards and wandered off…..

I think that that is what you call serendipity… and if all goes according to plan (fingers crossed) – The job’s a good ‘un and we have one less thing to worry about!

Waddesdon Manor and Plant Centre

This weekend we decided to take a little sneaky peak at our latest stockist – Waddesdon Manor.   So on Saturday morning we popped in to the Plant Centre to discover a wonderful display of some of our goodies.

Waddesdon Plant Centre

Here are some of our Grasshopper Cushions, some of our Leaves Notecard Sets as well as some of our Leaves Napkins

& some of our Damask Cushions & new pink Beetle Napkins

You can imagine how thrilled we were to watch one lady trying to decide if she wanted a green or black beetle tea towel. She couldn’t and ended up taking both – a lady clearly, with great taste!! 🙂

An experiment

With the rain pouring down and the wind howling a gale I decided that I must just buckle down and get making lots and lots of hotwater water bottle covers in an attempt to build up our stock levels.  But by my 6th cover I was getting a little restless so I decided to try a little experiment.

A good friend of mine recently got some chickens and so I thought I would make some one off  Warbeck & Cox egg warmers for her to enjoy at breakfast time.

Worryingly, though I rather rushed the whole business and quite clearly got my my pattern making skills/measuring abilities way off.
The result….??…….  Well, see for yourself……..

egg cosies

The only use I could come up with is a pencil or finger warmer… any bright ideas (that are publishable)??!