Cloud Appreciation Society

A couple of months ago I was having supper with my sister and her new husband when (after a couple of glasses of vino tinto) I decided to admit my guilty secret – I am completely obsessed with the weather. There, I’ve said it.

I don’t mean, whether the sun is shining or whether hail is falling from the sky… (though I can’t go to bed until I’ve watched the forecast  very carefully and know exactly what’s on the horizon). No, I want to understand the geekier elements to it all – why clouds appear in one valley and not in another, or why rain shadow occurs as well as knowing the different types of clouds and what they tell us.

So I nearly fell from my chair several days later when through the post arrived a package containing a very smart certificate and badge. Yes, my lovely brother-in-law, Fred had signed me up as a member of the cloud appreciation society! Yes, you read that right…  Utterly hilarious and utterly random!

society certificate

I had never heard of them before but it transpires that The Society was originally set up as a bit of a joke.  However, with 30,050 worldwide members, appearances on BBC Breakfast , talks at the Althorp Literary festival and compiling books from all their members photos, it really is gaining quite a following.

On car journeys, dog walks or whilst doing the washing up I now find myself staring upwards in the vain hope of finding a cloud that looks like something that I can quickly snap and email over to Fred.  Rather irritatingly, one of Fred’s photos has already made the grade and was published on the website last month… the competition is officially on!

I decided however, that if I was going to take this spotting game seriously it was essential that I should get the proper kit….. and so I’ve invested in a very pretty silver necklace……  Ta -Da!

sliver cloud necklace