Christmas (can you believe it?) is not far away.

I know this, because not only are we busily working away at our new Christmas products and designs, but we’re also being asked for press releases and samples from journalists. Wowzers! It’s not going to be long before we’re thinking of valentines day – talk about confusing!

Call me silly and old-fashioned but it seems kinda crazy doesn’t it that it’s mid-July, the school summer holidays are about to start and yet, we’re having to think about figgie puddings, holly and snowmen?  (FYI – Slade & Mariah just don’t sound the same when the temperature isn’t arctic and there aren’t baubles all over the place)!

Warbeck & Cox Christmas Holly

With all things festive on our minds we have started planning our method of attack; primarily this involves help.  We have decided exactly what we need help with, how and where to advertise and then what sort of interview process we are going to follow.

This morning Paul walked into the office and casually asked what we did.  Paul has popped in and out of the office a hundred times or more.. and yet, he has never asked what I do all day; surrounded by beetle, grasshopper and keys fabric frantically ironing, sewing, folding or packing!  One might wonder why he hasn’t asked before… but he hasn’t and it’s probably because he’s not the nosy sort and simply likes minding his own business.

Anyway, having given him a brief overview of Warbeck & Cox Paul said…. ‘did you know my wife’s a machinist ?’ I nearly fell off my stool and jumped on him.  All I could say was ‘Seriously? I don’t suppose she fancies a bit of extra work in the run up to Christmas???’.  ‘No’ Paul replied, ‘I doubt it …. but I reckon she’ll have tonnes of friends who do’.   With that he took some cards and wandered off…..

I think that that is what you call serendipity… and if all goes according to plan (fingers crossed) – The job’s a good ‘un and we have one less thing to worry about!

The Big Smoke, Numbers & a Camera

In my last post, I promised that I would try and bring news that didn’t (for once) involve animals, mud, weather and standard countryside antics! So am rather pleased that today I have something to share that does not include any of the above!

A couple of weeks ago, I read about a project started by Pete Lewis & Jack Barnes which, according to them has now turned into a ‘joint obsession’!  Called We One Thousand the idea is pretty straight forward – find and photograph numbers (from 1 to 1000) that you see about your everyday life and if any good they will be posted along with everyone elses on line.  Pretty simples no?  I thought it was a fun idea but along with all the excitements that go on here in the office on a daily basis it all slightly slipped my mind… until I found myself in London a few days later.

Trips to London are sadly rather few and far between these days but this particular invitation could not be turned down – despite the unnecessarily large amount of walking which was required!  Finding myself pacing the streets for hours on end, I was delighted to be confronted by numbers.  Lots and lots and lots of numbers.  Remembering the boy’s project I decided to get snapping.

To be honest I found the whole process rather invigorating – not only did it take my mind off my ever growing blisters but I found that I was properly looking at buildings, bill boards, buses and generally observing things that in the past I must have walked past a hundred times without properly noticing.

These are some of the photographs that I took, chose to submit and much to my delight today, I have discovered that 2 have been included on the website!

Farringdon Road, London

336 Farringdon Road

236 Grays Inn Road, London

236 Grays Inn Road, London

And my favourite…..

222 Grays Inn Road London

Next time you’re out and about, wherever you are.. why not get snapping – & make sure you share your pics with us! 🙂

This little Piggie…..

Along with all the wonderfully bonkers things that go on around here, last week saw the very exciting arrival of our neighbour’s new piglets.

  Darling Dolly (that’s Mama Pig pictured), with the help of Errol (Dada Pig not pictured) has produced 6 little beauties….

& believe it or not, these are exactly the same wee piggies a full week later.

Now all we have to do is come up with some names………..

and try and resist asking to take one home!!

Encountering the Olympic Torch Relay

For those of you who missed yesterday’s facebook post I thought that we’d pop together a short post about our rather soggy afternoon!

With the Olympic Torch passing right past the door it seemed only right and proper that we should go and have a look at it.

Once there, we stationed ourselves and kept our eyes peeled.

We watched…….

and waited…..

until an enormous blue bus with music blaring and people singing appeared from nowhere.

& then a girl (I think it was a girl, I didn’t really see) ran past…

and an official/torch attendant waved the torch about (I think in an attempt to light it)….

Olympic Torch

& just like that…the whole thing (I think) was all over……..

Olympic coach

Leaving us stuck in gridlock traffic!!

The End!