Cloud Appreciation Society

A couple of months ago I was having supper with my sister and her new husband when (after a couple of glasses of vino tinto) I decided to admit my guilty secret – I am completely obsessed with the weather. There, I’ve said it.

I don’t mean, whether the sun is shining or whether hail is falling from the sky… (though I can’t go to bed until I’ve watched the forecast  very carefully and know exactly what’s on the horizon). No, I want to understand the geekier elements to it all – why clouds appear in one valley and not in another, or why rain shadow occurs as well as knowing the different types of clouds and what they tell us.

So I nearly fell from my chair several days later when through the post arrived a package containing a very smart certificate and badge. Yes, my lovely brother-in-law, Fred had signed me up as a member of the cloud appreciation society! Yes, you read that right…  Utterly hilarious and utterly random!

society certificate

I had never heard of them before but it transpires that The Society was originally set up as a bit of a joke.  However, with 30,050 worldwide members, appearances on BBC Breakfast , talks at the Althorp Literary festival and compiling books from all their members photos, it really is gaining quite a following.

On car journeys, dog walks or whilst doing the washing up I now find myself staring upwards in the vain hope of finding a cloud that looks like something that I can quickly snap and email over to Fred.  Rather irritatingly, one of Fred’s photos has already made the grade and was published on the website last month… the competition is officially on!

I decided however, that if I was going to take this spotting game seriously it was essential that I should get the proper kit….. and so I’ve invested in a very pretty silver necklace……  Ta -Da!

sliver cloud necklace


Waddesdon Manor and Plant Centre

This weekend we decided to take a little sneaky peak at our latest stockist – Waddesdon Manor.   So on Saturday morning we popped in to the Plant Centre to discover a wonderful display of some of our goodies.

Waddesdon Plant Centre

Here are some of our Grasshopper Cushions, some of our Leaves Notecard Sets as well as some of our Leaves Napkins

& some of our Damask Cushions & new pink Beetle Napkins

You can imagine how thrilled we were to watch one lady trying to decide if she wanted a green or black beetle tea towel. She couldn’t and ended up taking both – a lady clearly, with great taste!! 🙂

An experiment

With the rain pouring down and the wind howling a gale I decided that I must just buckle down and get making lots and lots of hotwater water bottle covers in an attempt to build up our stock levels.  But by my 6th cover I was getting a little restless so I decided to try a little experiment.

A good friend of mine recently got some chickens and so I thought I would make some one off  Warbeck & Cox egg warmers for her to enjoy at breakfast time.

Worryingly, though I rather rushed the whole business and quite clearly got my my pattern making skills/measuring abilities way off.
The result….??…….  Well, see for yourself……..

egg cosies

The only use I could come up with is a pencil or finger warmer… any bright ideas (that are publishable)??!

London Olympics 2012

Various people have been very over excited this morning since the post arrived and these landed on the mat!

To be honest, it’s not really our thing.. lots of semi naked girls launching themselves in to a giant sand pit..!

Though it’s not hard to imagine who & why these might be of interest!

None of our ticket applications were successful sadly.. so we think we’ll stay behind, watch it on the TV & get excited simply washing the dishes with our very own Games Kit Tea Towels!

(can you spot the volley ball?)…

London 2012 Olympics

A green fingered weekend – Nether Winchendon Village Fete

Last Saturday saw the world famous (well, maybe not quite that well known, but nearly) annual village fete in Nether Winchendon take place in the lovely grounds of Nether Winchendon House (as seen in Midsomer Murders, Poirot and various other TV dramas).

A staple event amongst all the villagers … my mother (in charge of the plant stall) and several of her localish friends have spent the last month if not longer growing, potting and repotting lots of plants, flowers, veggies and herbs.

From an early age I have sat for many  an hour at this time of year equipped with with the RHS Encylopedia of Plants, a permanent marker and lots and lots of labels.. and last Friday night was no exception.  I spent several hours looking up spellings, scribbling names, colours, heights and prices whilst my mother called out plant names and dashed about popping them into the relavent pot.

Once labelled up and several car loads later it was time to call it a day.

Saturday morning was an early one and required more loads of plants leaving the house so that we could set up.

Here is the finished result… looks pretty darn good doesn’t it?

Also to feature were the usual suspects of Splat the Rat, Tombola, Tractor Rides, Book Stall, Ball in the Bog, White Elephant, Brass Band Playing, Teas, Coconut Shy as well as a whole fleet of vintage cars.

Inspired with all this plant/gardening malarky I decided to get those fingers green & dirty myself… So on Sunday I found a couple of helpers to move an inherited greenhouse…..

& planted all the fabulous plants I had acquired the day before ……

The salvia is stunning and the sweet william is also about to add lots of needed colour to my bed… however, the beans and courgettes need to get a wriggle on!

I will keep you posted on their progress – though don’t expect great things.. I haven’t been known for my previous horticultural acheivements!