A Magazine, A Funny Turn and Serious Confusion…

We’ve got to admit that we do love a bit of press coverage… so when we received an excited call last week from my mother claiming to have spotted us in this month’s issue of Country Homes & Interiors we promptly dispatched a member of the household to go and buy a copy.

You can imagine our confusion however, having scoured each and every page on its return to see Nothing. Nada. Niente.
Was my mother seeing things? Had she completely lost the plot? Confused, I made the executive decision to telephone home and just check she hadn’t suffered an unexpected turn of some sort or another. ‘No’, I was told, ‘it is May’s copy with the Hydrangeas in the galvanised bucket beside a green metal bench and some pretty pink cushions – Living with French Style’.  There was only one thing for it – go page by page through the magazine describing what each of us could see.

Without going into too much detail our conversation went something along the lines of …
Mother: ‘page 65 – white aga, blue & red print tea towels, turquoise/blue frying pan, white jug, shelf of glass jars’ ….. Me: ‘Yup’

White Aga, red tea towel, blue tea towel, turquoise frying pan and glass jars

Skip forward to page 135… Mother: ‘feature on Thame – there you are in the shop window, see?’……Me: ‘No… creative country business course advert’

I was clearly missing some pages.. was that possible?? Still confused, I did a shout out on twitter and the lovely Debra from The Gifted Penguin checked her copy… No such feature.  Conclusion – Mother officially Mad.

Yesterday however, I went home for supper and on the kitchen table was her copy ‘with the hydrangeas in the galvanised bucket’ open at page 135. Lo and behold, there was the feature  – ‘A Postcard from Thame’  & yes, if you look really really closely there are our cushions and napkins peeping out from the window of one of our lovely stockists – FROM

The question is… why does my mother have the feature and Debra & I don’t??……. any ideas?


All in good time.. all in good time

We’ve been in business now for 3 years… and still, unforgivably, we haven’t managed to actually sort out the issue of blogging!  We know, everyone’s at it… but we just want to draw bugs and insects and we have very naughtily put off and put off trying to understand DNS and CNAMES.  Please note – we’ve only just got to grips with urls, https, ftps and the likes!

In our defence, we’ve been a little time poor during this time too but who’s interested in excuses??  All that matters is that we’ve made it here! Phew!

antique glasses


Let the good times begin.. Cheers!

Love from the W&C Team